Anna Sui Spindrift Hats | POPSUGAR Fashion


Of everything I’ve seen this New York Fashion Week, nothing competes with Anna Sui’s iconic Spindrift crochet bucket hats. In the brand’s presentation of the latest collection, models wore hats with Spindrift cans on them. That’s really the only way I can describe this situation. When I first saw them, I had a lot of questions. Firstly, I had no idea Anna Sui was as big of a Spindrift fan as I am, and it made me love her even more. Then, did she fully crochet the hats, or are they a mixed media of sorts? And lastly, how could I get my hands on one?

I did a little digging, and learned these hats were commissioned by the Etsy shop Gifted Acorn out of Wisconsin. While it looks like the Spindrift hats were a special order, they make lots of other beverage hats you have to see to believe. Are you a White Claw stan? There’s a hat for that. Prefer a PBR? That exists too. And even if you…

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