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Other than the outfits, there was still so much I want to talk about regarding this legendary K-Drama. This post is dedicated to all the makeup, jewelry, shoes, bags and other items featured in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. After all, you can never underestimate the influence of dramas over trends!

Drama stills from Netflix


Seo Ye-ji was born with an innocent girl-next-door face, but makeup artist Maeng from Woosun Salon transformed her into the sophisticated Ko Moon-young with glamorous makeup. Maeng, who is also the MUA behind BlackPink, has shared some of the products she used on Moon-young via her own IG account.

Maeng often applied a matte brown eye shadow to add depth to Moon-young’s eyes, followed by pink or gold glitter to add glam. Lip colors varied from soft pink to bright red. For Moon-young’s floppy hat look, no glitter or…

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