We’ve Launched The Plus Directory, to Help You Shop Offline, Confidently!


Over the past few years, we have worked to bring you the best in plus size fashion resources. Well, I am geeked to share with you our latest project, or a twist on an old one! We’ve launched The Plus Directory! If you’ve been wondering where to shop offline, then you are in for a treat.

Every plus size person wants the chance to go into a plus size boutique or shop that is catered to them or one that accommodates their curves-YES?

Fat Fancy plus size consignment store
Fat Fancy Boutique by www.AbbieTakesPictures.com

In a time where our legacy plus size retailers are moving online, finding the best places to shop offline is becoming more difficult. You know, finding those the plus size boutiques and designer showrooms?

Find Your New Favorite Plus Size Shop at The Plus Directory!

Well, this is where we have moved our old plus boutique directory to its own home, The Plus Directory. This is your new home to help you find the…

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