Plus Size Sustainable Fashion and Its Role at Redesigning Fashion


When it comes to plus size sustainable fashion, oftentimes, we are left out of the conversation. While there are designers who are giving us more options, we could always use more. Right? And get in on the conversation? That is is exactly what happened with Redesigning Fashion Panel!

Last week, from September 10-13th, Alice Alexander hosted Redesigning Fashion. This virtual event brought together influential voices of sustainable, size-inclusive, and ethical style.

Redesigning Fashion Event- Sustainable Fashion panel event and the intersection of plus size sustainable fashion
Lead image for the Redesigning Fashion Event

The purpose of this event was to get raw and real when it comes to fashion.

Day One of the Redesigning Fashion Panel

The Redesigning Fashion panel

The conference had an incredibly diverse panel of speakers and guests. Just like an in-person conference, some days, you had to choose from discussions that were happening during the same time slots.

I stuck with the more plus size centered…

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