Avoid These Foods That Cause Sweating

Avoid These Foods That Cause Sweating

Avoid These Foods That Cause Sweating

It is but embarrassing when someone points out to you that you sweat too much. And it is also true that you are what you eat, as the old adage says. With that being said, here are a couple of foods that cause sweating, which we have all our lives happily indulged in and should bring it down to bare minimum consumption. Take a look at these foods that cause sweating; be shocked and surprised, because these foods that cause sweating, could be the reason why you have body odor too.

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Food That Makes You Smell In Excess Due To Body Odor

Here are five foods that you should immediately start cutting down upon!

1. Cups Of Coffee

Agreed that coffee has its benefits and can help in beauty regimes too, but if you have to consume a cup, consume it cold. Hot coffee makes you sweat, because of the thermogenic effect and the…

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