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Blackheads are a mild form of acne that’s just as unwanted, but the good news is that there are ways you can deal with them. As with other forms of acne, you should avoid picking or squeezing your blackheads by yourself, unless you’re a professional, otherwise you could risk scarring your skin or being left with spots.

What causes blackheads?

Blackheads form when your pores are clogged due to excessive sebum or an increased buildup of dead skin cells. They look like tiny black dots on the skin and tend to appear on your nose, chin or even forehead.

Even though you can successfully get rid of blackheads, they will unfortunately resurface again weeks later. To get rid of blackheads and reduce the amount that form on your skin, you need to cleanse your skin properly, exfoliate at least once a week and apply a face mask daily. Here are some…

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