Katherine Ryan on The Duchess | Interview


Things you don’t typically see being worn on the morning school run: ballgowns, funeral attire, and satin pajamas. Oh, and a sweater that says “world’s smallest p*ssy” worn over the top of the most fabulous feather-hemmed pajamas. But that’s exactly what we see Katherine Ryan wearing at the school gates in her new scripted Netflix series, The Duchess. The styling in the opening scene is just a slice of what’s to come in the rest of the show and plays an important role in the narrative.

The Duchess is Katherine’s first scripted series, which she not only stars in but also wrote and produced. The six-part, semibiographical series follows a single mom whose name is also Katherine (confusing, yes, but Katherine the comedian said she was “too lazy” to come up with another name, and honestly, fair enough) who lives in London and is on a quest to give her 9-year-old daughter, Olive, a…

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