Christian Siriano’s “F U COVID” Face Masks


Even though we still take social distancing and the harsh reality of COVID-19 very seriously, Christian Siriano’s “F U COVID” face masks do kind of make us chuckle. The fashion designer, who has made a commendable amount of face masks for medical workers during the pandemic, decided to add a few twists to his website for shoppers, including the “F U COVID” design and a pink iteration that says “THIS IS FASHION 2020,” showing them off on Labor Day alongside his friend and fellow designer Kyle Smith.

At this point, we’ve been unable to hug many of our friends and family for months, so we can’t say we don’t feel Siriano in his “F U” frustration. Even though these particular masks — which make a strong statement about the way 2020 has been going, both in the fashion world and otherwise — retail for $35, Siriano is still supporting the medical community. For every mask sold, one…

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