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Summer may be ending soon but that doesn’t mean you can’t look glowy throughout fall and winter. Highlighters are a great way to add extra radiance to your complexion, especially when you start to lose that natural summer tan and your skin starts to look duller than usual.

Are highlighters an essential part of your makeup collection? I think so! Whether you’re looking for a subtle or more noticeable glow, we’ve got you covered. Check out our highlighter recommendations that are perfect for the colder months ahead:

VYVYD studio – Cheek Flash Highlighter

The Cheek Flash highlighter features a translucent formula that blends effortlessly and gives your skin a natural glow. It’s available in eight colors: No.1 Crystal Vinyl, No.2 Diffuse Light, No.3 Gold Play, No.4 Fantasy Trap, No.21 Mineral Beat, No.22 Humming, No.23 Glam Rock and No.24…

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