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When you break out, the first and most important thing to do is to leave your pimples alone. Although you may be tempted, squeezing or popping your pimples will only make it harder for them to heal. Doing so can aggravate your pimples, making them even more red and inflamed, and it can also lead to permanent scars.

I’ve made a habit of leaving my blemishes alone and I find that they heal within a week. While waiting for acne to heal, you can also use certain treatments to make the healing process even quicker. Acne Patches are one such option, and another is acne spot treatments.

Keep reading for a guide on how to use acne spot treatments and a list of effective ones to try.

What are the benefits of acne spot treatments?

Spot treatments are great for reducing the size of a pimple while also calming any signs of redness or swelling. Spot…

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