The 8 Best Shoulder Exercises – As Recommended By Ryan Terry


There’s one thing every action star has in common, aside from a hefty paycheque, and that’s a set of boulder shoulders. Those Hollywood PTs bulking-up the likes of Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson understand that shoulder muscle is what bookends the V-shape of any all-action testosterone physique.

When it comes to your designs on a summer body, you’d do well to emulate them. Bigger shoulders give the appearance of bigger arms and a smaller waist. It’s a grossly unattended area for most men in the gym, but one man who wants to rectify that fact is physique competitor Ryan Terry – a fitness icon with with such adonis-like proportions that he looks hewn from Hellenic rock.

Terry, who is famous for his shoulders, has cleaned up at prestigious physique competitions including the IFBB Pro and the Olympia, racking up over a million Instagram followers along the way. Here,…

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