Destiny’s Child Wearing Matching Outfits


Destiny’s Child perfectly encapsulates the ’90s and early ’00s fashion music scene. Nobody did it better than they did at that time, and it’s all thanks to Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles. Often times, Tina was in charge of creating the well-known outfits that Destiny’s Child wore back in the day. The pieces included sequins, embellishments, bold patterns, and assymetircal hemlines. Tina had a way of creating coordinated outfits for the girls that were cohesive but not all matchy-matchy. She made them look like pop stars, even before they were well-known!

Whenever they were showing off their amazing vocal chops, it was usually wearing one of these amazing coordinated looks. Even when band members like LeToya and LaTavia came and went, once thing that always stayed the same till the end was their stylish outfits. Whether they were wearing crystal-embroidered…

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