8 Habits to Start (& Stop!) For Better Skin

8 Habits to Start (& Stop!) For Better Skin

We always talk about the importance of protecting your skin from environmental factors, and I’m always slathering on my SPF but turns out… it’s so much more! I just recently learned that only 25% of your aging process is predetermined by nature – the other 75% is environmental! If you were getting graded, you could literally score 0 on the natural aging factor and still get a passing grade just by killing it in the environmental factors department, like diet, lifestyle, etc. Here are some habits to start (and stop!) for better skin.

1. Start with Sleep: We always hear about the importance of sleep for your mental, physical, and emotional health but it doesn’t end there. Your body removes dead blood cells and toxins while you’re asleep, so not getting enough zzz’s can take a toll on your skin. It also decreases your skin’s moisture levels and pH level, so every…

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